About us


JNDO group devotes to the development of lifting equipment and services industry standard technology, the company has the world's most excellent service team, the company according to the needs of customers, different environment, to provide customers safe, high efficiency, humanization solution, the greatest degree to reduce downtime, and optimize the total cost of ownership.

JNDO group since creation, has been past seven years, business has 50 countries throughout the world. Our customers include engineering machinery, electronics, machine tools and metal processing, paper printing, the energy industry, aerospace, automobile and parts, such as the food processing industry.

JNDO group mainly produces intelligent elevator, intelligent folding crane, modular pneumatic balancer, balancer, independent, modular suspension crane, crane monorail crane and modular slewing crane.

JNDO of intelligent lifting device group compared with the traditional crane, JNDO intelligent lifting device will be a 100% increase in production efficiency, can achieve 200:1 production ratio, raise the production efficiency.

JNDO group, make industry the most high-end, the safest, most efficient products, let all customers satisfied!